How is the guitar size calculated How many inches of guitar is best for you?

First, how is the size of the guitar calculated?

1 inch = 2.54 cm

1 cm=0.39370078740157 inches

The size of the acoustic guitar should be from the top of the head to the bottom of the box: 39 inches, 40 inches, 41 inches refers to inches. 1 inch = 2.54 cm. 41 inches (inch) = 104.14 cm. And so on.

Martin D45 41 inch dreadnought guitar sunburst

As far as classical guitars are concerned, there are several types of chord lengths of 650 mm (standard), 655, 665, 640, 630, 580, and 550 mm.

Spanish guitar size data references as below:

Guitar size: (Spanish specifications)

Standard 650 x 52 mm

Senorita 636 x 50 mm

Cadette 580 mm (3/4 size small)

Requinto 544 mm (1/2 size small)

The 39-inch is a standard size for classical guitars and is a standard.

The formal classical guitar size is 39 inches, and the original color is generally used for the sound of the sound, without any colored paint, the wood grain can be clearly seen.

The size of the regular acoustic guitar is 41 inches, the back of the guitar is an acoustic arc, the volume is large, and the layers are distinct, which is easy to compare in guitars of different values. The acoustic guitars with beautiful colors and varied styles are generally designed to cover the low-grade wood and attract buyers who are only looking at the outside.

Children’s classical guitar purchase:

The 29-inch children’s classical guitar is suitable for children aged 3-6.

The 30-inch children’s classical guitar is suitable for children aged 4-8.

The 34-inch children’s classical guitar is suitable for children aged 7-12.

The 36-inch children’s classical guitar is suitable for children aged 11-16.

Ordinary guitars are 41 inches (104 cm) and smaller ones are 40, 39, 38 (96 cm). The larger one is 43 inches (109) cm.The 38 inch is a practice piano. It is unique to China. It is a non-standard guitar. The materials and workmanship are not too much, and the price is the cheapest.

Most of the 38-inch acoustic guitars we usually see in China are “popular guitars”, also known as “practice guitars”. Wood materials, structures, workmanship, acoustic effects and performance comfort are very poor, just a cheap entry-level product that came into being in response to the consumption level of the domestic market; Generally 38-inch guitar girls play the same size, 40, 41-inch guitar is a big folk, generally suitable for boys.

For the 40-inch and 41-inch guitars, the guitar has a louder volume on the premise of the same material and the same workmanship.

Martin D45 41 inch dreadnought guitar

Second, how many inches of acoustic guitar is suitable for you? What size is the most suitable?

In fact, in general, the height is less than one meter four, we all recommend 40 inch or classical guitar, and the 41 inch is no problem. Many people will say that my hand is very small, I can’t press the chord on the fingerboard, I can’t learn it.

Yes, 99% of people who just started to learn guitar will feel that their fingers are the least suitable for playing guitar in the world. They are short, boring, and have poor independence. They also feel that their hands fundamentally can’t control the guitar.

In fact, it is like we just started learning to run, learning to ride a bicycle, learning to swim, and everything is difficult at the beginning. Without this innate talent, it is difficult to master such a technology very quickly.

Return to the question of size. First, the size of the guitar refers to the total length of the guitar from the head to the bottom of the box, rather than just the size of the box.

However, we often say that the box is a XX-inch guitar. This is because the length of the fingerboard of a regular acoustic guitar is the same, and there are subtle differences in the width of the different brands. So we usually say that the box is XX inch.

So how big is the gap? The total length of the 41-inch 40-inch guitar is about 2, 3CM, and the width is more than 2CM per side. So you can imagine that the gap is very small.

But why do we visually feel that 40-inch will be much smaller? That’s because the 40-inch box is usually not D-type, generally more type A, so it will feel much smaller from the visual point of view.

When we start to learn to play the guitar, we first had to find a posture that I felt most comfortable, how to hold this guitar. Because the guitar’s cabinet is not a square, but has a curvature and a waist. No one stipulates that your right hand must be hung in the widest part of the box. If you can’t reach the string, you can put your hand in the middle of the box, and the position is larger. This makes it more comfortable to play.

As for the problem of the fingerboard, if you choose a 39-inch classical guitar because you are afraid that the 41-inch fingerboard is too wide, then I am afraid it will be the wrong choice.

Because of the size of the classical guitar, the fingerboard is usually 1 or 2 cm wider than the acoustic guitar. Of course, it is still the same sentence, people are alive, you can adjust according to your own posture. Playing a guitar is not a math test. If you make a decimal point, you are all wrong. Playing the guitar is the most free, and any way can pop up good music.

Of course, if you are a child who is only a few years old, it is not impossible to learn guitar at this time, but it is generally not recommended. Because the chord of the left hand still needs a certain amount of power, the children in this period are very small, and maybe even a can of Coke is not stable, let alone learn the guitar. Unless you want him to be a leader in the guitar world, you have to force him to work hard.

Learning a guitar is a happy thing, free and able to make you feel emotional and feel the charm of music. As long as the size of the guitar is not too far away, of course, as long as the guitar is a regular product, the size does not need to be too tangled, a good guitar, good sound, good feel can naturally let you enjoy the guitar! custom builds many inches of different guitars.